It was a beautiful day to just sit at home and watch Netflix undisturbed. I looked forward to my me-time after a long week of work, but my doorbell rang. It was my friend. She just arrived in Lagos from the UK. It was a week to her project defence…

Disruptive technology, trustless system, decentralized, immutable,peer-peer bla bla bla. These are buzzwords associated with blockchain technology that confuses the bejeezus out of many. But it’s a simple concept and an interesting one at that.

In blockchain technology, data are stored in clusters and strung together. …

The good book stresses the importance of timing when it says “for everything, there is an appointed time”….. It tells us elsewhere that ‘time and chance befalls us all’. Good timing can change our lives forever, the same goes for bad timing.

Many times we are not in control of…

It was her final paper that would culminate her four-year degree. She was finally going to be a graduate. As she walks out of the hall and steps into the brightness of a sunny weather that comes with the cool wind of the Plateau chill, something hits her, a bullet.

Amaka Chukwuma Jubilee

Copywriter|Content writer|A doubter of my doubts|unafraid of my imperfections|I live outside my head|I am no pushover|a story teller.

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